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Word Mark

  • The word mark of UNION F&C should be recognized as an important basic factor of CI system.
  • To apply the word mark, it is required to use it according to the original data of a relevant item and not to damage or modify the word mark image.

Minimum Size Rules

  • The vertical line size of 5mm is not allowed because it is hard to be identified.
  • The minimum size rules guarantee the scope of no-infringement of design factors when the word mark is used.
  • To apply the rules to various factors, it is careful not to violate design factors due to other factors or complex patterns.

Color System


C : 50 M : 15 Y : 100

M : 55 Y : 100


R : 145 G : 177 B : 45

R : 240 G : 140

  • Color system is an important factor to create the image of UNION F&C.
  • The presentation of exclusive colors is based on spot colors in case of printing, but DPT colors as four-color process are used depending on characteristics of application factors.
  • Although color presentation can be different depending on printing method, ink concentration, and paper material, it is careful to keep it in the optimal state.
  • In case of web colors, the presentation of colors can be different depending on monitor resolution or monitor brightness.