• 2017

    09 Acquired factory and expanded and relocated / Songdo factory -> the current factory in Namdong industrial complex

  • 2016

    11 Started to export to Vietnam / Hot chocolate and cream for brewed coffee

  • 2015

    01 Developed coffee bean based freeze-dry coffee for vending machine (first in Korea)

    05월 Supplied the ice-cream powder "Elga"

  • 2014

    03 Developed carbonated drink base for vending machine and started to sell (first in Korea)

    05 Supplied creamer for brewed coffee (OEM) to "DONGGU Co., Ltd.", a vending machine manufacturer

    07 Supplied "Mist Dessert", ice cream powder (Gelato)

    08 Supplied "The Chakan Coffee", latte powder for café (green tea and four other types)

    09 Started to export to Kyrgyzstan / Coffee mix and hot chocolate

    10 Exported the Yogurt ice cream powder "Abung" (OEM) to Thailand

  • 2013

    09 Founded UNION F&C Co., Ltd.

    11 Started to produce coffee mix and signed exclusive sales agreement with large vending firms (BRONS KOREA, YEOLLIN